Electronic supplementary material Additional file 1: Figure S1: L

Electronic supplementary material Additional file 1: Figure S1: LMP1 promoted the interaction of phosphorylated EGFR and phosphorylated STAT3. Two mg of protein from cell lysates were immunoprecipitated with an anti-phosphorylated EGFR antibody (p-EGFR) and analyzed by Western blotting with a phosphorylated STAT3 (p-STAT3)

and p-EGFR antibodies. Negative controls www.selleckchem.com/products/ca3.html included CX-5461 order immunoprecipitation with an unrelated antibody (IgG). (PPT 4 MB) References 1. Raab-Traub N: Epstein–Barr virus transforming proteins: biologic properties and contribution to oncogenesis. In DNA tumor viruses. Edited by: Damania B, Pipas JM. New York, NY: Springer; 2009:259–284.CrossRef 2. Strong MJ, Xu G, Coco J, Baribault C, Vinay DS, Lacey MR, Strong AL, Lehman TA, Seddon MB, Lin Z, et al.: Differences in gastric carcinoma microenvironment stratify according to EBV infection intensity: implications for possible immune adjuvant therapy. PLoS Pathog 2013,9(5):e1003341.PubMedCrossRef 3. van Beek J, zur Hausen A, Klein Kranenbarg E, van de Velde CJ, Middeldorp JM, van den Brule AJ, Meijer CJ, Bloemena E: EBV-positive gastric adenocarcinomas: a distinct clinicopathologic entity with a low frequency of lymph node involvement. J Clin Oncol 2004,22(4):664–670.PubMedCrossRef GSK872 nmr 4. Kijima Y, Ishigami S,

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